The Hour of Code Comes to BHS

by Cassie Bradley and Katelyn McCarson

The Hour of Code is coming to Brevard High School!

What is the Hour of Code, you ask?

The Hour of Code is a global event that works to expose kids of all ages to coding. More than 10 million students in over 180 countries are joining in on the fun.

This is the second year of participation for Transylvania County Schools in hopes of fulfilling its goal of 100 percent participation in all schools in the area.

The Hour of Code takes place from December 5-11, but Brevard High will observe it on Tuesday and Wednesday, December 6-7, during the lunch tutorials. In every tutorial, teachers will offer students the opportunity to participate during two 30-minute, self-guided segments composed of coding games for both new and experienced students.

The mission of the Hour of Code is to expose kids to coding in hopes that many will pursue future careers in the field.

In today’s society, computer science affects nearly every aspect of life and permeates nearly every field of study. In addition, jobs within the field of computer science usually pay well, and students who graduate from computer science can be practically guaranteed a well-paying job almost anywhere.

Not only can students participate in an Hour of Code at school, but also for those who are interested in further exploration of the subject, there are other sources for at-home learning.

“We have a list of websites [on the BHS webpage] and most of them are free, like W3Schools,, Code Academy, Khan Academy, etc,” said Vera Cubero, Instructional Technology Facilitator for both Brevard and Rosman High. “There are lots of those that offer free tutorials that you can take on your own and learn, and so we’ll be offering that out as a follow-up option.”

Students with mathematical and logical skillsets can truly excel in coding, although it can also serve as a great outlet to show off creativity. Those who learn how to code are able to write their own programs and explore technology and computer sciences much deeper than most others.

While coding is not the simplest task in the world, it is also not the most complicated. At first it will be easy, but as students progress, it will get more challenging.

Coding takes a lot of logic, problem solving, and perseverance, which are great skills to have in any field. Just remember to keep an open mind and give it a fair chance–you may find that you enjoy it.

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