Time is Running Out to Make Up Time

by Aly Henneberry

Time is running out to make up time.

The semester is coming to an end and the opportunity to make up time is starting to dwindle.

The county policy is that if a student misses five days, the sixth absence must be made up. This means that you would owe time to the teacher of the class that you missed if you were absent six or more days.

“Per our PRIDE lunch schedule, our mandatory lunch tutorials can count, but if you do owe time you do need to work that out with your teacher and arrange that you have made up that time prior to the end of the semester,” said guidance counselor Hallie Moore.

The administration has attempted to meet with all student with more than nine absences. Even if you have less than nine absences, you still need to stop by guidance.

“If you owe time then we do have a log sheet in guidance that you can come pick up and be able to track your time with your teacher as necessary to make that time up and get it documented,” said Moore.

Failure to make up time does have its consequences.

“If you are at risk of not making up that time you can lose credit for the class, even if you are technically passing the class,” said Moore. “So you can lose credit due to lack of attendance,” said Moore.

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