Exams Quickly Approaching

by Abby Smith and Declan Lusk

On Friday, January 13, the students of BHS will take their first exam of the fall semester.

“The only change is that last year we had two exams in one day. This year we will have one exam each day,” said assistant principal Mick Galloway.

This semester’s exam schedule will be not much different than years past. On Friday, January 13, students will take the 4th period exam, followed by a 3-day weekend.

After Martin Luther King, Jr. day, students will return on Tuesday, January 17 and have one exam and one review session per day through Thursday. After lunch on Thursday and during the first half of Friday, students will have a chance to run through their second-semester classes.

Exams are important to a student’s final grade in a class and deserve preparation. It is in a student’s best interest to study for these tests.

As the semester draws to a close, stress and nerves will rise. The best thing to do when going into exam week is to be prepared and get good sleep.

“Get plenty of rest and be prepared. There is really no difference than a normal test,” Galloway said.


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