VIZ Projects

VIZ, short for Vision, is a youth program in Transylvania County that is focused on teaching students leadership. The program is open to all juniors from Brevard High School, Rosman High School, and Davidson River School.

Students participating in VIZ are currently working on projects for the end of the year. They will be presenting them in front of the Board of Education.

Juniors Abby Smith and Aly Henneberry are combining their efforts to create a project together. They are working on making a video to honor leaders in BHS and will be hosting a banquet to recognize and thank the leaders at BHS.

“Our VIZ projects are mainly to challenge us as students to reach out in our community and be a part of leadership opportunities that we would not have been a part of otherwise.” Said Abby Smith.

The program is designed to help students explore their civic responsibility and engagement, be made aware of their community, and practice building effective decision-making skills.

The goals of VIZ Transylvania are to increase understanding of the concept of leadership, increase appreciation and understanding for working collaboratively, and to develop skills needed for effective leadership and responsibility in community affairs.

Since their projects will not be presented until the end of the school year, students in VIZ will be participating in leadership classes. The next class will be held on Thursday, February 15 at the Sheriff’s Department from 8am to 2pm.

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