ACT test prep tips

By Madeline Dierauf

  • Relax the night before the test, don’t try to cram. Studying at the last minute just adds stress
  • Remember strategies you learned if you took an ACT prep class
  • Visit the ACT website for information on getting ready, finding a test, and registering
  • Dress comfortably and eat a big breakfast, you don’t want anything to distract you during the exam.
  • Make sure to fill in an answer for every question, even if you are unsure
  • If you feel yourself getting stuck on a hard question, mark it and come back at the end
  • English-
    • Look out for “silly errors” in writing, like pronoun and sentence structure errors
  • Math-
    • Don’t second guess your answers, once you solve the problem move on
    • Use diagrams and simple sketches to help you “see” the answers
  • Reading
    • Use the three-stage method- previewing, reading, reviewing
  • Science
    • Use the three-stage method
    • Don’t be confused by irrelevant information
  • Writing
    • Writing is scored on an overall impression
    • Make sure to have a well organized essay in standard essay format, with 4-5 paragraphs.

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