Prom Information!

By: Beth DeMoss

Prom will be May 12, from 7:30-11:30! Tickets will be cheaper from April 24-28, they will be $55 for a single ticket, and $100 for a couple ticket. From the week of May 1-5 , tickets will be $60 for a single ticket, and $120 for a couple ticket.

Gentlemen should dress in formal fashion. Women’s dresses should be longer than the fingertips, and no cleavage should be shown. Also no bare midriff dresses will be allowed, but two-piece dresses will be allowed within reason.

It is suggested not to purchase desserts if students are going to a restaurant for dinner before prom. There will be plenty of desserts at prom. There will be home-made cookies, Texas-style brownies with real whipped cream, chocolate dipped strawberries, and fresh fruit.

If students do not have a license, do not want to drive, or do not have access to a vehicle, there will be a bus leaving from the front of the school at 6:30pm on prom night and will return as soon as prom is over, which will make the bus be back at the front of the school at about 12:15am on Saturday morning. If students plan to take the bus, let Mr. Hogan know.

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