Chorus Performs at MPA

By Lauren Wing

The BHS Chorus recently competed at MPA on Thursday, April 6. MPA stands for Music Performance Adjudication. This year it was held at Brevard College in the Porter Center.

The chorus received superiors in both concert performance and sight-reading. This is the first year that the chorus has done sight-reading at the MPA competition. It proved to be a success because the sight-reading score was a 95.

The lowest score received was a 93 and the highest was a 98. “We vastly improved over last year,” said Bart Gilleland, the chorus director.

The chorus performed two pieces of the most challenging rank. These pieces were Miniyama Nayo by Paul Rudoi and the first two movements of Eric Whitacre’s Five Hebrew Love Songs.

“I thought that our group was high above the other groups that we heard perform afterwards. We had a more mature sound.” said Senior Diana Bodie, BHS Chorus’s Vice President.

With their impressive scores, the chorus is now eligible to submit recordings to become a featured chorus at the MCMEA Conference this year in Winston-Salem.

“I’m just very proud of the student musicians we have here and it’s just a great thing for Brevard High School.” said Gilleland.


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