Scholarships for Seniors

By Lauren Wing

The end of school is fast approaching, which means it’s almost time for seniors to graduate. Graduating from high school is a big deal, but going off to college is an even bigger deal.

For some students, it may be quite difficult to figure out how exactly they are going to pay for college. College costs a whole lot more than it used to. There are many solutions on how to pay for college but the simplest one probably has to be applying for scholarships.

There are many scholarships available through multiple resources on the Brevard High School’s website. “It can seem like a daunting process but only those that apply have the chance to be chosen… Unfortunately, we do see scholarships go unclaimed simply because they did not receive any applications, typically for the private or local scholarships.” said Hallie Moore, guidance counselor.

Even going for a smaller scholarship can be very beneficial. Small amounts do add up. Plus, small scholarships usually tend to be easier to win than larger scholarships. The point is, students should not make the assumption that they won’t get anything or someone better will get it. If someone qualifies, they should apply.

“If seniors want them, they just need to apply, apply, apply!” said Moore.

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