SCAD Sidewalk Chalk Festival

By Nyx Siniard

Last weekend Samantha Baughman, Orin Armstrong, Luis Gomez-Flores, Alana Merrell, Julia Lusk, Rachel Byrd, Sadie Tynch, Courtney Meyer, Hazel Freeman, and Anna Schrader, went to SCAD for the weekend. While there, each student competed in the 36th annual SCAD sidewalk art festival, and got to tour the college.

“It was really amazing!” said sophomore, Sadie Tynch. “We toured the graphics rooms, the painting and sculpting places, a bunch of the awesome sets, video editing and Foley rooms.”

Other than getting to tour the different rooms, they also got to compete in the sidewalk art festival.

“So we all got down there and did a sidewalk drawing to enter into the competition. It was really fun, we got to hang out in downtown and really see what SCAD does in Savannah,” said Courtney Meyer, sophomore.

The winner was Alana Merrell, who was excited that she got to participate and win.

“We started working at around eleven, and we had to get done at around two. I wasn’t really expecting to win because I didn’t think that freshman were included. But, here I am!” Alana Merrell, freshman and winner, said.

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