Mallard Duck Release


By Lauren Wing and Beth DeMoss

Brevard High School’s animal science classes recently incubated, hatched, and released Mallard ducks.

The classes learned how to take care of the eggs while they were being incubated. This consisted of turning the eggs several times per day, making sure that the temperature of the incubator was warm enough, and making sure there was enough water for the proper humidity levels.

Almost a month later, the students got to watch the process of the eggs hatching in their classroom. The ducklings were kept for eight weeks in the classroom and on the farm.

Recently, the classes released six Mallard ducks into the French Broad and Davidson rivers.

They placed ID bands on their legs so if any of the ducks get caught or trapped, someone would be able to contact them.

“It was a really fun experience and a great opportunity for students to do some hands-on learning,” said Sarah Rhymer, animal science teacher.

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