Cheap Summer Break

By Aaron Neumann & Casey Cooper


This segment of the Broadcaster, a ¨Cheap Summer Break,¨ gives high schools students or anyone in Brevard who are ¨strapped for cash¨ ideas on what to do over the summer without going broke.

For example, swimming at the Franklin Pool is open all summer for $1.00 with free lunch.

Another fun activity is to go to Silvermont to play basketball and be “king of the court.”

Exploring, hiking, and swimming in the forest is always another expense-free option.

Ingles, is in Brevard, and is always an adventure that always has parking for everyone to hang out.

The Co-ed Cinema is the local movie theater that always has something playing. It is relatively cheap compared to other theaters and is vintage.

All these options offer fun for a great price and a unforgettable summer!

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