2018-19 Class Registration to Begin Soon

by Emma Dauster

Looking for a change in your life or in your daily routine? Well you’re in luck! This school year may only be half over, but it is already time to register for next year’s classes! Starting February 20 with student meetings in the auditorium, the registration process for the 2018-2019 school year will bring students a multitude of exciting classes to choose from.

CTE classes are just one of the unique class types offered here at BHS. They may include courses such as digital media, health science, and animal science. They introduce students a wide variety of potential career areas, as well as build valuable life skills.

“I recommend taking CTE classes because they help build leadership and public speaking skills,” said Anna Bryson, a senior. “They help you be more comfortable when talking in front of people.”

In addition to unique CTE classes, students can take online courses through the North Carolina Virtual Public School program (NCVPS). Some examples may include computer science, foreign languages such as Latin, macroeconomics, and psychology.

Dominique Karesh, a BHS senior, said, “Taking an online class allows you to study and complete work at your own pace, which is less stressful and appeals to many different types of learning.”

In a NCVPS course, there are usually weekly quizzes and tests, as well as lessons and homework that must be completed every day.

Not only can students enjoy a unique online school experience, but they can also attend college-level classes off campus at Blue Ridge Community College. Some classes offered at BRCC include art appreciation, business, and American sign language.

“There are so many benefits of taking a BRCC class,” said Abby Smith, a senior. “You gain so many essential life skills, all at a very little expense because BRCC classes are practically free for BHS students minus some textbook costs.”

Student meetings begin on February 20 and extend until February 22, each day with a meeting for a designated grade level. At these meetings, counselors will hand out registration forms to students, so make sure to come prepared with a pencil. On February 22, there will be a parent presentation for 9th-11th graders at 5:00 p.m. and a parent presentation for 8th graders at 6:00 p.m. in the auditorium.

March 2 is Showcase Day for 8th graders, which consists of a tour of Brevard High and the Electives and Club Fair to scout out potential interests when they graduate middle school in June. These events will occur in the auditorium and various elective classrooms.

Starting on March 8 and 9, parents will be able to schedule appointments regarding their child’s registration. On March 12-16, the process of class registration will begin at Brevard High during I&E time. Additionally, during these five days, guidance counselors Hallie Moore and Courtney Owen will be going to Brevard Middle School to talk about the fun classes Brevard High has to offer.

At Brevard High, registration will bring endless opportunities for students to explore potential career interests, new hobbies, and various class environments. Though March 16th will officially bring the registration process to an end, it will never lose its ability to fill students with hope and rekindle excitement for a new school year to come. What classes will you sign up for this year, BHS?


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