TIME 4 Real Science Program

by Emma Dauster

The TIME 4 Real Science program at Brevard High School is one of the many factors that makes it unlike any other school. The TIME program is a unique honors science research class that is offered to any student who is academically driven and interested in expanding their knowledge of science and the experimental process.

“TIME is really different from other classes at BHS because you get to choose what you want to study all on your own,” said Emily Trusler, junior. “It’s a lot of independent work to come up with your own question as well as ways to answer that question.”

The program was founded in 2006 by Jennifer Williams and Mary Arnaudin with a generous grant from the Burroughs Wellcome Fund and is a product of a partnership between the 4H program and Transylvania County Schools.

“To become part of the TIME program,” said junior Cullen Duval, “You would first take the TIME 101 class next year. Once you’ve been a part of that, you can apply to the actual TIME program.”

In the TIME program, students have the incredible opportunity to ask a question about a topic that interests them, conduct their own research on the topic, and design and execute an experiment to answer their question. This is an extremely valuable experience because, in high school, students are usually only taught the scientific method and don’t get the chance to actually experience it until their college years.

“The benefits of taking TIME as a class are that you get to meet a lot of people with different interests, as well as learn about science and communication,” said Trusler

In addition to the growth of many essential life skills that the TIME program provides, the research done by students in the program benefits the city of Brevard. It is a requirement of the class that students find a way to tie their project into the community.

Participating in the TIME 4 Real Science honors science research program at BHS is a wonderful opportunity for motivated students to be exposed to hands-on science research. It builds public speaking skills, leadership skills, independence, and much more.



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