TIME Project Spotlight: Candace Britt

by: Emma Dauster

BHS junior Candace Britt completed her research for the TIME program on the effect of music on memory. Her project received second place in the Biological Science B category at the 2018 Western Region Science and Engineering Fair that took place at Western Carolina University on February 8.

Titled, “The Effect of Music on Working Memory in High School Students”, her project investigated how the memory of students was affected by listening to both different types of music and no music at all. 

“I first became interested in this topic because I listen to music a lot when I’m doing work, and I know a lot of other people that do as well. I’ve always wondered ‘well how is this actually affecting me?'” said Britt.

The effect of music on the human brain is becoming an increasingly popular area of study amongst psychologists and scientists around the world.

“My project is important because if I find that music does indeed help memory, it gives students a reason to listen to music while doing homework or even taking a test.

The TIME program at BHS allows students to conduct real scientific research on their own time during a class period. This is an incredible opportunity for any student who wishes to make a difference in their community, state, or even country.

When asked why she would recommend the TIME program to other students, Britt replied, “Its a lot of fun; you develop a sense of leadership and pacing for yourself, but you also have access to science research that other people don’t.”

For more information about BHS’s TIME 4 Real Science Program and how to be a part of it, visit time4realscience.org!


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