Broadcaster Spring Staff 2017


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Jody Alexander is a second year member of the Broadcaster staff. Lover of road trips and adventures, she wastes lots of gas and time driving without any real destination, all while complaining about her lack of money and time.

Displaying IMG_8976.JPGCasey Cooper is a senior who likes to have fun and can’t ride a bike. He plays/played soccer, football, basketball, and tennis (not well though). He enjoys listening to rap music and traveling. His shoe game is ¨forget the alphabet dumb.¨

Displaying IMG_8981.JPGBrooklynn Corbin is a Junior here at BHS. This is her third year being a staff member of the BHS Broadcaster. For extracurricular activities, Brooklynn is a member of the BHS Marching Band Colorguard. Her favorite thing to do for the Broadcaster is to edit videos.

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Beth DeMoss is a Junior here at BHS. This is her second year on the Broadcaster Staff. Her favorite thing to do as a staff member is to film videos. In her free time, she loves hanging out with her friends.

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Madeline Dierauf is a freshman at BHS. She runs cross country, indoor track, and outdoor track. When she isn’t running, she enjoys hiking, watching Netflix, and sleeping.

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Theo Holshouser is a returning member of the Broadcaster team. He can solve a Rubik’s cube on occasion. He says he enjoys pressing buttons on keyboards to make coherent words or sounds. Sometimes they come together to make something cool and he’s satisfied.

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He is a man who swims towards sharks to establish dominance. He can kill two stones with one bird. He once made a weeping willow laugh. He is a senior on the Broadcaster. He is Aaron Neumann.

Displaying IMG_8982.JPGLillie Siniard is a human being. She is a sophomore who is a part of the Cross Country, Indoor Track, and Outdoor Track Team. Other than running for a pastime she also loves to draw and read for fun.

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Nyx Siniard is a human being and a sophomore at BHS. She enjoys watching Harry Potter and knows everything there is to know about it. She plays tennis and is in the French Club.

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Lauren Wing loves to run, watch Netflix, sass people, and eat a lot of food. She could not survive without coffee or chocolate. This is her second year on Broadcaster staff.


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