Anti-Discrimination Week

By: Brittany Woods

As part of her Senior Project, Cheyenna Phelps is hosting an Anti-Discrimination week starting April 21st. Each day students can dress up to show anti-discrimination for that particular discrimination.

What to wear and when:

Monday 4/21: Gender Equality Day; Boys Wear pink and Girls wear blue

Tuesday 4/22: Cultural Awareness Day; Wear clothing from a different culture (example: Native American)

Wednesday 4/23: Handicap Discrimination Day; Wear Project Unify Colors (Purple, Blue or Red)

Thursday 4/24: Acceptance Day; Wear rainbow colors to show support for the LGBT Community

Friday 4/25: Anti- Bullying Day; Wear red to represent Anti-bullying

Email Cheyenna Phelps at for questions or comments.


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