Color of Turf at BHS

Blue Turf

By John Miller

Recently the Board of Education voted in favor of installing a turf field at Brevard High School. However, a decision must be made on the turfs color. The idea of blue turf has been brought up by students and coaches of Brevard High School. It would cost $20,000 more for the blue turf but students and coaches believe a blue turf would attract positive media attention. Multiple students from BHS went to the board of education meeting on March 17 to present a petition with 469 BHS student and staff signatures all in favor for a blue turf.

There are no blue fields east of the Mississippi, so it would make Brevard’s field a unique one. BHS would be only the fifth high school in the country to get blue turf. They believe it would be something the community would be proud of, and would inspire “Devil Pride”. The blue would not fade but would add additional costs when refinishing the field, however the board has been assured that funding is available for refinishing if they opt for the blue.

It is a big decision that some believe in the end should be made by Brevard High School. There were talks of surveying the students at Brevard High and Brevard Middle. The Blue Devil Club is split on the issue.

When Brevard High School approached Boise State with the proposal the initial reply was good. Boise State has the blue turf trademarked so BHS has to have their permissions before making the turf blue. Unfortunately once Boise State heard that Brevard College would be playing on the field as well they would not allow BHS to move forward with the project. BHS will still be getting a new turf field, but it won’t be blue.

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