Glen Cannon Country Club Sold

By John Miller


In November of 2011, Glen Cannon Country Club’s board voted to partner with Billy Casper Golf. Billy Casper Golf is the fourth largest golf management company in the United States, so naturally the members were very optimistic about the club’s future.

However, things did not improve. Their debt increased and the golf course began to go downhill. Many members canceled their memberships, causing the financial strain to get worse. Despite multiple attempts to save Glen Cannon, it closed down last December.

On March 20 the club went up for sale at the Transylvania County Courthouse, where It was purchased for $840,000 by Great Oak Pool. The club’s future is unknown but is believed to be re-opening as soon as possible. There is a sale for the clubs remaining collateral on April 14 consisting mainly of remaining equipment and inventory. The purpose is to sell it to one buyer in hopes of not splitting up the remains.

It was sad to see Glen Cannon close after many years of success, but it’s future is bright. The club may be open soon, giving local golfers and swimmers a place to go.

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