Senior Trip Clash

This year the senior class had a slight clash in opinion on where the senior trip should take place. The official trip has been set for Dollywood on the 23rd of May. Alternatively, seniors planned an alternative trip which is set for carowinds on the 16th of May.

Although that is a Friday, this day is an excused absence for an educational celebration. Seniors will be leaving at 6:30 am and will arrive back at the high school at 11:00 pm. The cost for the trip is forty dollars, which includes a ticket into Dollywood and one kid’s meal. Students will need to bring additional money if they would like to purchase extras such as snacks, gifts, and supper on the way back.

Although this trip is intended for fun, it is a school-sponsored trip, and all school rules apply. Students must meet the following guidelines in order to go on the trip:

  • Projected Graduation June 2014

  • No failures in senior school year

  • No failed drug tests

  • No OSS

  • All absences exceeding five must be lawful, the maximum is eight

  • No more than one full day in ISS

  • No Criminal Charges

Even though the senior trip was planned for Dollywood many students were not thrilled with the decision. Senior, Caitlyn Murray even went as far as to start a petition against the Dollywood trip. Unfortunately, the petition did not sway Mrs. McCall, so seniors came up with an “alternate” trip. Students who opposed the Dollywood Trip now have the option to go to Carowinds on May 16. However, this trip will not be an excused absence for students who choose to attend. Students may purchase tickets from senior Alexis Combs for $30.

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