Cadaver Lab

Cadaver Lab
By John Miller

On Thursday April 24th students who have taken anatomy this year went to Appalachian State University to visit a cadaver lab. The professor, Dr. Gregory Anoufriev talked the class through what they had learned from this cadaver, such as cause of death. He also explained the purpose of cadavers and talked a good bit about anatomy and physiology.

Students were able to pass around body parts such as a brain and leg. Dr. Anoufriev asked questions and in return encouraged the students to quiz him as well. He had several organs that were preserved that showed different things such as a smokers lung. It was a great learning experience and gave the students a chance to see what they’ve learned literally in the flesh.

Not only was it a great learning experience, it gave the group of seniors and juniors a free chance to see a potential college. ASU’s cadaver lab is state of the art and hopefully BHS students will be able to return next year!

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