High school offers flu precautions

By Ashley Ramer

It’s flu season at Brevard High School, and the flu-mist was offered to students to help ward off illness.

The flu-mist is a flu vaccine that many parents approve of, as many children do not enjoying the lingering aching flu shots can leave behind.

Unlike the flu shot, the flu-mist contains a live flu virus. Although it is not strong enough to give the receiver the flu, it is strong enough to trigger a reaction from the immune system.

There are certain people should not receive the flu mist, such as those who are allergic to eggs, have asthma, a weakened immune system, and those who are on a long term aspirin treatment.

Doctors recommend that people with asthma should get the flu shot instead of the flu mist. The flu-mist can trigger asthma attacks.

“My doctor always gives me the flu shot instead. It’s mainly because I have asthma, which weakens my immune system, and I’m constantly exposed to sick people,” said Angela Ramer, employee of Dick’s Sporting Goods.

Both the flu shot and flu-mist offer the same level of protection against the flu.

“The vaccine normally lasts for six months,” said Tina Hendricks, Health Occupations teacher.  “The best time to receive the vaccine is in October.”

Flu shots are also available at the Health Department.

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