Autumn is welcomed in the mountains

By: Ashari Arkansas

Football games, bonfires, and leaves are just some of the best things about fall in the mountains. The leaves in fall are spectacular in the mountains. Different shades of red, yellow, and orange are easily seen.

Blue Ridge Parkway puts on one of the longest running autumn leaf color displays in the country. No matter when you plan an autumn visit in October or early November, you can take a short drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway or other mountain roads to find the best color of fall leaves.

Elevation and weather are the biggest factors in the color show. Leaves begin their color change on the highest peaks and gradually work down to the lowest elevations. An early frost speeds up the show and warm weather prolongs it.

Some of the top scenic drives for early fall are Grandfather Mountain, US Highway 19, and Pisgah National Forest Cold Mountain.

Take a visit to Grandfather Mountain to view native animal habits, enjoy some hiking, and a great vantage point for viewing autumn’s rich colors.

Drive along 19E to the town of Spruce Pine, stopping along the way to take in the spectacular views of the Black Mountains and Mt. Mitchell, the highest peak in the eastern U.S. at 6,684 feet.

Travel north on US 276 through the magnificent Pisgah National Forest, which affords a spectacular view of Cold Mountain.

There are more than a hundred species of deciduous trees in the Blue Ridge Parkway that give all of the vibrant leaf colors. Take a short drive to see the amazing different colors that the leaves have to offer because shortly they will be gone.

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