BHS Theater Produces One Act Plays

By: Catherine Lemel

The night of one act plays held at Brevard High was a success. There were a total of three plays, full of laughs, love, and a little Shakespeare. The events leading up to the play were quite dramatic since both theater classes had to work around two weeks of snow during what was supposed to be rehearsal time. Candice Owen, the theater teacher and director of the theater one play said, “I was remarkably proud of everyone.” She said that because both classes had to overcome obstacles with the snow but were able to really pull off the show, she is very proud of what the students were able to accomplish.

The Theater I class did a play called “Check Please” which is about a series of awkward blind dates that lead two friends to realize that they were meant to be together all along. Sophomore, Will Field, who participated in both classes’ one acts, said “I think that this was a really good experience, and it was really fun.” Symeon Smith, a freshman at Brevard also participated in both the one acts, and said that it was a fun experience as well despite not having a lot of time to memorize lines.

The theater two students put on two plays. The first play was called “Almost, Maine” and was about different sets of people exploring love and loss in the town of Almost, Maine. This play was student directed by junior Emily Holshouser. Lucy Kaczmarek, Sophomore, said, “was fun because I got to work with Will [Field] because he is not in theater two and I think the directors did really well for directing their first one act plays.”

The second play, directed by seniors Aly Pagano and Yahir Galarza, was called “Drop Dead Juliet” and enacted a scenario if Juliet, the character from Romeo and Juliet, decided that she was going to change the story of Romeo and Juliet so that she would not have to die. Neevan Lucena, junior, said, “ I love performing and I love performing with my peers, I believe that the directors, did very well under the circumstances and I was just glad to be a part of that.”


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