Car of the Month: March

By: Sean Dambax

The BHS Broadcaster has started a segment called “Car of the Month”, where Brevard’s most notable vehicle will be put in the spotlight. ‘Notable vehicles’ can include vehicles with features such as tons of character, unique models, and/or define their driver.

For our first feature of the segment, junior Callie Green gave us the grand tour of her Volkswagen Beetle. Green picked this car because she had wanted a Volkswagen Beetle since she was six years old, so when she was finally old enough to drive and saw the Bug, she told her parents that it was the one. Its her first choice and her first car.

To make the car fit her style more she put eyelashes on the front above the headlights, as well as purchased pink zebra print seat covers. In addition to this she has also put rhinestones along the dashboard and rear view mirror. Also she has stuffed animals in her back window above the trunk.

Next month were going big so stay tuned!

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