Prom Dress Resale Begins at Boys and Girls Club

by: Catherine Lemel


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The Cindy Platt Boys and Girls Club is doing a dress for less prom dress sale. This is a great way to go and buy a prom dress for under $100 to support the local Boys and Girls Club.

The Dress for Less event will take place on Friday, April 10th, from 5:30-7:30 pm. Each person who makes a purchase will receive a raffle ticket that will give them a chance to win discounts to nail salons and restaurants for prom night.  The costs are as follows: Dresses are $10, shoes are $5, and various accessories are $2.

If you have either already bought your dress or if you just want to get rid of your old dresses, there is also a way you can help. According to Candice Welsh, the Executive Director at The Cindy Platt Boys and Girls Club of Transylvania, “Donations of dresses, shoes, jewelry, and other accessories can be dropped off at the Boys and Girls Club between 11 A.M. and 7 P.M., Monday through Friday until April 9, 2015.”

Welsh also commented that all of the proceeds will be going straight to the Boys and Girls Club, which is the largest organization dedicated to the healthy development of youth in Transylvania County. She said that the club offers “after school and summer programs that promote learning in a fun, interactive and supportive environment.”


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