Abby Williams Senior Project


Last semester, senior Abby Williams completed her senior project. She fundraised for the T.I.M.E program off of Indiegogo and Go Fund Me. Abby  says “I have been in the program for 4 years now and has really given me a lot and has impacted my life significantly so I wanted to give back to it.”

The senior project is a requirement for every senior in high school to pass English. In the senior project, you choose a goal that you want to complete. With that goal you journal every step, take pictures, and complete the necessary steps. At the end of the project, you will create a presentation to present in front of judges. Abby’s goal was to give back to the TIME program.

The T.I.M.E program teaches the concepts of science to high school students. Abby’s Indiegogo website says “ Most students never find out who it is to do real science, and the opportunities are lost.” In the T.I.M.E program, twenty-four high schoolers spend over 250 hours conducting real research into whatever they choose that matter to them and our community as they contribute to the greater scientific knowledge base.”

Abby has made a very big impact on the T.I.M.E program. She has conducted research on a new species of stink bug that has created chaos to the soybean crops and has started invading homes in the winter. she says “ My partner and I worked to find an effective environmentally friendly way to control this pest because they continue to re-infest crops and become resistant to the pesticide chemicals. We wanted to find the chemical components of their pheromone that would be effective in a trap.”  They have competed in many international competitions and has won many prizes and has been on many different levels on the competitions.

Altogether she  fundraised over 10 thousand dollars and they are still expecting donations. For the amount of money you make will go to different supplies for the time program. Some of the supplies include  pipettes, ethanol, Petri dishes and travel funds.

By Aubree Weaver

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