TIME Science Fair Winners

BHS TIME classroom

BHS TIME classroom

Congratulations to the TIME Science Fair winners! Brevard High School TIME students won first through third place in categories such as earth and environmental, engineering, and biological science. I went and talked to one of the students, Eliza Witherspoon, her and her partners worked on measuring enzymes that are produced by fungus found in compost.

Witherspoon said she feels as though this topic is “very important to her because we are running out of fossil fuels and we are going to need to find a new energy source and these enzymes that they are studying can be found in the fossil fuels.”  

Another student I talked with was Emma Dauster, her and her partners did her science fair project on what the effects of pesticides on bioindicators would be.

When I asked Dauster what she would change about her project she said “having more time since when testing some stuff it didn’t work so we had to redo our methods.”

If you plan on doing the science fair Dauster said “make sure you’re committed, and have your work done when you need to be done, and definitely don’t be nervous and just get out there and do it.”

The last student that I went and talked to was Ingrid Findlay, her and her partners did their projects on a specific pathogen in local honey bee hives, they were investing two different species of microsporidian parasite, that are pretty harmful to the health of honeybee hives. She said that got interested in her project after watching a documentary two years ago about honeybees and after working with honeybees on her first TIME project. She enjoyed working with the bees and beekeepers so much that she got her own bees and figured out that this was a big issue in most of the local hives.

When asked how she thought her project improved our society she said “there is a treatment for this type of disease and in some cases it helps and in some cases it makes it worse, so if we were able to tell the beekeepers that this is making it worse than we would be able to reduce the disease.”

So, if you’re planning on doing the science fair make sure it’s something that you are very interested in and committed too. Also don’t forget to get all your work done but also have fun with the project, because even if you don’t make first through third place you still helped our community and helped find new things.


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