Agriculture Department Wins Grant

Earlier this year, our the teachers in our agriculture department, Mrs. Rhymer and Mr. Harris, applied for a grant from the Tobacco Trust Fund. This is a fund that is setup to fund agriculture education in counties where tobacco used to be a major income producing crop. Due to the excellent work that our teachers put into this application, they were awarded a five thousand dollar grant to help maintain and improve the department.

This week on the Broadcaster, we talked to Mr. Harris about what kinds of things this money would allow the department to do. He said that it will allow them to buy a new hog as well as update fencing that needs repair on our school farm. This will allow the department new opportunities for learning and competition.

We also talked to Mr. Harris about upcoming events that FFA is involved in. LAst Saturday, they competed in a trout fishing tournament that was the first annual. Mr. Harris spoke to the importance of this event to our area as we are very well known for our trout fishing. He also talked about the regular events that FFA participates in in the spring such as their spring RLC Leadership Conference at Owen High School and other competitions this spring.

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