Project Unify Valentine’s Dance

by:Katie Russell

This past Thursday, February 11, Mrs. Plum’s class held their annual Valentine’s Day dance! Each year this dance provides an opportunity for general education students and special education students to come together in an event that is fun, and carefree. DJ Marcus was there to play an awesome variety of music, so students and parents alike were able to enjoy the dance and get down to some awesome tunes.

There are many misconceptions about self-contained classrooms. Teachers and assistants feel as though general education students often forget that special education students like to do the same things that they do. “People forget that they’re not children,” said Zander Jacques. “They know when you treat them differently or are pretending to be nice.” All the students in Ms. Plum’s class want is to be treated like any other student attending Brevard High School.

Project Unify has been making leaps and bounds to educate general education students about the special needs students at Brevard High School, from starting the R-Word Campaign, to integrating these students into their lunch groups. For more information about Project Unify or what you can do to help, contact either Jessica Thrower ( or Ms. Plum (


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