Senior Project Spotlight: Erin Smith Writes Novella

By Jeremy Dodson
This week for our senior project spotlight, we highlighted Erin Smith. She is writing a novella for her senior project. A novella is a fictional story the length of a short novel, as the name ‘novella’ alludes to. Typically, they are fifty to ninety pages in length.

Erin’s novella is about a group o people living on a remote community who begin to turn on one member of the community for an unknown reason. There are elements of mystery and suspense to her novella. Her mentor is Megan Shepard, who current seniors went to hear speak at the Transylvania County Library last year. Shepard is a published author and Erin was very excited to get to work this closely with someone who writes for a career.

Erin mentioned that she would recommend a project like this to anybody. She emphasized the creative process that has allowed her to fully engage herself in her senior project so that it doesn’t seem so laborious. She talked about how allowing herself this freedom to be creative in her letter of intent has made the process so flexible and much more fun, as she can make her novella exactly what she wants it to be.

Check out the April Fourth episode of the broadcaster for the full interview of this story.

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