NHS Members Complete Spring Service Project

By Jeremy Dodson

Our branch of the National Honor Society (NHS) recently completed their spring service project. They participated in the community service day, a service project hosted by the police department. Our NHS members were at the police department at 8 o’clock on Saturday morning to be assigned tasks to do for people who needed assistance. One NHS member, John Harris, summed it up when he said, “It’s all about giving back”.

At the event, there were many more groups than just our NHS. The police department told each group where to go and what they needed to do and everybody split up from there. Our members did a lot of trash pickup as well as some yard work for individuals who were unable to do it themselves. After these smaller projects were completed, most of us reported to a site that had a plethora of overgrown bamboo. Our members helped to clear all of this bamboo which was a huge task to complete.

NHS always challenges their members to be active in the community. This is one of the many ways that they do so. Keep up the good work NHS!

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