Senior Project Spotlight: Inheritance of Hope Legacy Run

By Jeremy Dodson

On April 30th, Brevard will play host to it’s very first half marathon. The sponsor of this event is a charity named Inheritance of Hope. Inheritance of Hope is a non-profit foundation that provides support and creates memories for families who have at least one parent living with a terminal illness. The foundation raises money to send these families on “legacy retreats”, which are trips to Disney World or New York City so that these families can create memories that will last long after the death of a parent.

The race is named the Legacy Run and offers not only a half marathon but also a 5k and a kids fun run. It is the largest fundraiser that Inheritance of Hope does each year. Some of our students are supporting the run by racing the half marathon for their senior projects. The three students, Mary Moore, Samuel Johnson, and Jeremy Dodson, are all very excited not only because they won’t have to travel for their senior projects but because they get to race for such a good cause. All of them mentioned this when we talked to them about the race.

If you are interested in running either the half marathon or the 5k, or volunteering at the event, you can visit for more information.


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