AP Test Study Tips

By: Jeremy Dodson

AP testing will begin next Monday, May 2nd. Tests will run through Friday, May 13th. With just a week left before tests, many students are trying to do some last minute studying to make sure that they can get a 5. This week, we talked to some of our AP teachers about some helpful review hints and how to make use of every last minute until the exams.

Mrs. Hardy spoke to the fact that hopefully by this point.,you’ve been doing review to remind yourself of the course material. She said that in the final week you should just be spending some time every day just reviewing material but not teaching yourself material that you have forgotten. Mrs. Licht reminded everybody to not cram the night before the exam saying, “What you do the night before is not going to make a huge impact.” She said that coming into the exam well rested, refreshed, and well nourished is the most important thing to make sure you do.

Also, don’t forget that our library has a test preparation center filled with AP study materials for most of the courses at our school. Go and check them out if you need a helpful tool to study.

Hopefully these were some helpful tips on how to utilize your time to the fullest instead of just stress. Good luck to all of our AP students!

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