Senior Project: Portfolio Tips

By: Jeremy Dodson

The senior portfolio due date is looming over many of our current seniors. Portfolios are due May 10th, giving seniors just over a week to finish them up. With many of our seniors so stressed out, we asked seniors who completed their projects last semester as well as some of our English 12 teachers about some tips to help our seniors make the best product possible.

Portfolios are the biggest part of the senior project. They include a lot of different elements like time logs, journals, and other miscellaneous forms. All of these elements have different deadlines which is why Mr. Raines pointed out that one of the most important things to do in this process is to stay on top of your deadlines. He said, “If you throw it together the night before, we can tell.”

Another important reason to pace yourself through the process is to make sure that all of the elements are aligned so that you don’t lose points for inaccuracy of times and dates that you list on the different elements of the project. Mathew Huter stressed this to current seniors in his interview, emphasizing alignment and precision among the elements of the portfolio.

The portfolio is a long process and it is easy to get confused about what to do and when you need to do it. Amy Borhaug,a senior who completed her project last semester said that the best piece of advice she could give is to make sure that you ask your teacher any questions that you have to ensure that you are doing the project correctly.

Putting together a good portfolio is still a daunting and tedious process but hopefully these tips have given our seniors some insight about how to make it as easy as possible.

Good luck seniors!


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