NHS Members Volunteer at Legacy Run

By: Jeremy Dodson

On Saturday, April 30th, some of our NHS members completed their spring service projects by volunteering at the Inheritance of Hope Legacy Run. This was the race in Brevard that was to help raise money for Inheritance of Hope, a organization that gives assistance to families who have a parent that has been diagnosed with a terminal illness. This week, we talked to some of the volunteers who worked there to find about about the event.

The NHS members who volunteered at the event mainly served as course directors. Their jobs were to to direct runners as to which turns to take and offer encouragement to them during the race. Caly Onnink commented on why she enjoyed the experience saying, “I really enjoyed it because I have a lot of respect for people who went out and did that.”

John Harris pointed out the huge impact that they helped to make when he mentioned that through their efforts, the efforts of the runners, and the efforts of all of the other volunteers, the even helped Inheritance of Hope to raise more than 50,000 dollars. This is a huge amount of money that it would have been impossible to raise without help from the students from our school.

Our NHS students are always so active in the community and we are very proud of them. Keep it up guys!

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