Teachers and Students Participate in Walk In Protest

By: Jeremy Dodson

On Tuesday, April 26th, some of our students and teachers gathered outside of the social studies wing to protest the North Carolina General Assembly to give more funding to public schools. The protest was spearheaded by one of our English teachers, Meredith Licht, and many other students and teachers participated in the event.

There was a fairly large turnout for the walk in. One of the students there, Liam McKissock, said about the event, “It was exciting to see that so many people cared enough about the cause to come out.” Clearly, we have a staff and a student body that does care enough to advocate for the funds that we need to have as a public school.

Our system of government allows citizens to create change by taking a stand and sending a public message. Through this protest, our own staff and students were able to make their voices heard, which is something that is worth recognizing.

Not only were our protestors able to send a message that we need funding for public schools, they were able to send a message that your voice can truly make a difference.


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