Life Hacks: Exam Study Tips

by Meredith Hooper

This week for life hacks, we are going to show you some exam study tips. Finals are coming up pretty quick, and we have around 3 weeks of school left. Now is the time to start looking back over assignments, going to PRIDE lunch, and studying the material!

The first study hack is to listen to instrumental music instead of lyrical music. It is scientifically proven to increase productivity because you aren’t distracted with the words in the song. Try the “Instrumental” channel on Pandora while studying and doing homework.

Another tip is to go over your class notes and highlight important information that you want to remember. This can include terms or any important points or processes. Think before you highlight, because simply re-reading the notes is one of the least effective methods.

One study method that seems to work great for me is the Pomodoro technique. This technique is 25 minutes of solid work with no distractions and a 5 minute break in between each work period. During the 25 minute work session, put your phone on airplane or do not disturb mode and close all tabs that may be distracting to you! During your 5 minute break you can do anything that you like to do to relax and give your brain a break, such as watch TV or listen to music.

My last tip is to chew gum while studying. This works well with strange flavors of gum, but works with any flavor also! While you’re taking your exam, chew the same flavor of gum, and it helps to jog your memory because you have that information linked to that flavor.

Good luck BHS! I know you all will do a great job on all of your exams.


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