Last Minute Senior Project Presentation Tips

Hey there, seniors! If you’re a second semester English student, senior projects are almost over! The only thing left to worry about is the presentation, and trust me, it’s something that you shouldn’t worry about at all!

Coming from senior English teacher Ms. Welch, it’s important to, “practice, practice, practice.”

Mrs. Reinhart, another senior English teacher, talked about how it’s important to practice with a timer. Presentations have to be between 7-10 minutes, and part of the rubric is how long your presentation is. Having worked on a project for months, it should be easy to talk about what you did.

You’ll be presenting to a panel of judges, so you want to look your best. How you’re dressed is also on the grading rubric. If you aren’t sure what to wear, you can ask your English teacher.

Like any public speaking event, you should stand and talk with confidence. Body language and voice projection are also on the grading rubric. Senior projects are almost over, so that’s something that should get you excited and make you want to finish your presentation.

The judges normally ask questions at the end, so make sure you ask them if they have any.

Overall, as long as you practice, speak with confidence, and study the rubric, everyone will rock their presentations! Good luck seniors, you’re almost finished!




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