Get Home for Holmes Results

by Lauren Tooley

The softball team had a very successful fundraiser for Holmes Desmelick.

Holmes is the son a Clair Desmelick, a beloved teacher here at Brevard High School. He was diagnosed with brain cancer a couple of years ago. The community has come together to show their support and love for the Desmelick’s during this hard time.

The softball team decided that they wanted to help during their regular season this year. For every run that the team made, supporters would donate a certain amount, similar to a walkathon.

The team scored 146 runs and raised $3,900 for Holmes. One of the teams that they played during playoffs donated $100 to make the final contribution to the Desmelick family $4,000.

Abby Williams was really excited about the project, saying “It was a really fun experience and I loved getting all of the community members involved in our team.”

Great job ladies!

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