iOS 10 Update?

by Rachel Reid and Nastia Parker

Hate it? Love it? Not sure? What are we talking about? It is the Apple iOS 10 update. Controversy surrounded whether the update was a success or not.

The biggest change in the update is the messaging app. There are now many new features that go along with the messaging app, such as screen animations, handwritten notes, emoji predictions, bubble effects, and digital touch.

A few people have said that they enjoyed this update.

“I like it because it’s different,” sophomore Kaitlyn Golden said.

Along with the new features, Apple had changed the emojis, making them more defined. Many people online believe that Apple was trying to copy Samsung’s emojis.

Most of the negativity was directed towards the pistol emoji, which is now a water gun. It was supposedly changed because of the series of shootings in the United States.

Although there are many interesting features on the messaging app, few of them are changing the way people message, leaving many asking what is the point?

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