Administrator Allen Credle Has Heart for Students

Mr. Credle watching the volleyball team celebrate their big win over East Henderson

Allen Credle watches the volleyball team celebrate their big win over East Henderson.

by Jacob Miner, Jace Frisbee and Collin Frady

Allen Credle is a person who really does care for the students. He is warm-hearted and is always looking out for students no matter what. Credle is a down-to-earth person who will always show his full interest to each and every student. He is just that kind of guy.

Credle worked in the Buncombe County school system for 33 years. He retired 12 years ago, yet his position at BHS is his 9th since his retirement.

“I’ve really worked every year except one year in 44 years, so I really enjoy it,” Credle said.

He came to Brevard because there was an opening and he knew he could bring some experience to the school system. He has known assistant principal Mick Galloway for a long time and loves to work with him. Also, he said he loves the small town atmosphere of Brevard and hopes to bring back the fire the athletic teams in the 70s and 80s had at BHS.

“The main thing is, to be honest with you, I still enjoy being around students,” said Credle. “I like that student life. I enjoy watching students grow and become young men and women and become a valuable part of our society. I still enjoy it after 44 years. It’s all I’ve ever done.”

Credle said that he does not have a favorite school or school system. He feels as though the comments he gets from people years after he is done working with them mean more than any one school ever will to him.

“I think the greatest thing is when you see an adult that’s 40 years old come up to you and say, ‘Do you remember when you helped me do this or do that….’ Those are the things like that mean more to me than any school I’ve ever been to,” said Credle.

Credle is very optimistic about this the upcoming years at BHS and thinks that Brevard has great things in store for this county and school.


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