Back At It Again With Those 90s Trends

by Alex Davis and Tori Caroway

“Bye Bye Bye” 90s trends, or so we thought. Looking around Brevard High School, the 90s are coming back.

The most popular trends in the 90s included the “grunge look” of flannel and denim, and other 90s trends like chokers, berry lips, and shorts with tights.  

Freshman Maddy McKelvey loves 90s skater dresses and skater skirts and owns two chokers.

“They had a few good trends, but hairstyle wise, I really don’t like those,” said McKelvey.

McKelvey feels as if 90s were to come back that would be fine by her because she loves her inner hipster.

Sophomore Anna Sisi has something to add to the conversation about 90s trends. Sisi has already seen 90’s trends with her own eyes.

“I think the 90s were really interesting and experimental time,” Sisi said.

Even Sisi’s brother got in on the trend. He tried frosted tips, but Sisi said that he regretted it.

Even though there are some regrets when it comes to the 90s trends, they are here to stay–at least for a while.

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