The Political Face-off for Presidency

by Tori Caroway

BHS students weighed in on presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. 

Freshman Cassie Bradley feels as if Americans are going to have a voice, they should not have to pick the lesser of two evils.

“I don’t see the meaning in voting for people who are not truly what we want for a president, Bradley said. “I was going for Bernie Sanders.”

Freshman Alex Davis was very discouraged by the choices available.

“We definitely will be in a rough patch with either candidate,” said Davis.

Sophomores Nastia Parker and Rachel Reid do not stay up to date with political events because of the candidates. They do not see why either candidate would be a good choice for president.

Charlie Gardella, sophomore, believes Trump is the guy for the job.

“Even though he may say some rude and inappropriate things, it shouldn’t stop him from being the president for our country,” said Gardella.

Sophomore Greta Cullipher believes Hillary Clinton is the person to run our country.

“Hillary is by far the most capable presidential candidate,” Cullipher said. “She has been a senator for more than 30 years and secretary of state.”

Even though many students are not able to vote, those who will be 18 by November 8 need to vote soon so their voice will be heard.

Those who are eligible to vote need to make sure they are registered. Registering to vote is easy. Potential voters can go to the Board of Election in person or fill out the online form.

The Board of Elections website gives lots of information such as the link to the registration form, sample ballots, and links to election-related websites.

The Board of Elections’s new site is at 150 S. Gaston Street, Suite A. Their address online is


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