Blood Drive Scheduled

by Ian Chrisafis

BHS’s Health Science teacher Tammy Moman is collaborating with American Red Cross once again on this year’s blood drive. The blood drive has been scheduled for October 27. In order to participate in this event, students must be sixteen and have a parental consent form, or seventeen with no form needed.

Teachers are urged to donate as well.

“They need to lead by example, the students will be more confident to donate if they are given a good role model,” Moman said.

This year’s drive is critical, especially after the tragic events that recently transpired in the southeast.

“With Matthew, the hurricane that came, there’s a great need, urgent need, for blood and platelets,” said Moman. “We want to make sure that we get as many units as possible.”

Moman has high expectations for the school, expecting no less than 100 units to be donated by Brevard High School.

“Our goal from [American Red Cross] is sixty, but [my] goal is a hundred, and with a school this size, 750 students, a hundred is quite obtainable,” Moman said.


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