S.A.D.D. Making Brevard A Happier Place

by Hannah Dickson and Nyx Siniard

S.A.D.D stands for students against destructive decisions. It was created to grow leaders in the communities and to have people that reach out to the community and help lead young people away from drugs and alcohol.

S.A.D.D was originally created by parents and students due to many accidents caused by drunk driving. It is used to stand for students against drunk driving, but it was changed to reflect other destructive decisions beyond underage drinking.

“I see a lot people in the school struggling with things that they don’t necessarily know can be destructive decisions, and I want to be there as part of wsad-logohat helps people to create more positive relationships,” said Bain Brown, sophomore and S.A.D.D. executive board member. 

Teacher and S.A.D.D. sponsor Kim Rosselle is a member of S.A.D.D because some of her friends dealt with addiction issues.

“I love my students and I love all the kids here. I want to see them live happy lives, and I think S.A.D.D can influence that,” Rosselle said.

Abby Smith, junior and executive board member, feels it is important for other reasons. “I feel like sad is important because people need help but can’t get it,” Smith said.

“I feel like S.A.D.D. is important because people need help but can’t get it,” Smith said.

S.A.D.D is important because it helps students that are potentially making destructive decisions and do not even know they are making them. 

“This year we are learning about dating safety and chewing tobacco,” Kim Rosselle said. 

The Brevard and Rosman chapters of S.A.D.D. will be traveling together to a conference in Raleigh near the end November where they will learn leadership skills that will better help them influence their peers to make good decisions.

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