A Freaky Friday for BHS Staff

by Abby Smith and August Barham

The Friday before Halloween BHS staff participated in Freaky Friday, a costume contest created and held by media coordinator, Hale Durant.

“I thought this would be a good way to boost morale between the teachers and have some fun,” said Durant.

As Durant had expected, numerous teachers had fun with their creative costumes.

Mary Browning sported a flower crown Snapchat filter with the #basic hashtag. The math department banded together to create a life-sized pencil box. Even the contest creator, Durant, went all out as the character The Crow, complete with full face makeup.  

This wide participation might have been due to the teachers’ excitement for the upcoming holiday or to the notable awards for each costume winner. Staff members dressed in the best costumes for each category won a prize, including a gift certificate for the Devil’s Brew.

With much anticipation, teachers gathered in the media center for a lunch party where the costume champions were announced.

English teacher, Josh Tinsley, won scariest costume with his representation of Vincent Vega from the film “Pulp Fiction”. Bethany Bagwell, Adria Hardy, Erica Thompson and Amanda Chapman, from the math department, won funniest costume.  Finally, Angela Patane received most devilish in her ‘Merica Whipp ensemble.

The teachers were not the only ones who enjoyed this competition; many students also appreciated seeing their teachers dressed in costumes.

“I had fun getting to see a different side of the teachers,” said Declan Lusk, junior. “ I was excited to see them let loose a bit.”

Both students and staff agreed Durant’s Freaky Friday costume contest was amusing and an overall success. Brevard High School is excited for next year’s competition and looks forward to see what costume the math department comes up with next.

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