Beatmatching Bonanza

by Symeon Smith

Phantom Overdrive brings the beat.

Quinn Babb recently wowed students with his senior project, an electronic beat-matching and record scratching concert.

Equipped with a giant mixer, some turntables and his musical talent, he presented the concert in the BHS auditorium.

There is

a lot more under the surface of DJ’ing and beatmatching then just scratching records over thumping electronic beats.

Beatmatching is a disc jockey technique of synchronizing the tempos of two different recordings to create a smooth transition between the two records so the music never stops. It was designed to keep dancers at a club from leaving after a song was over. Before beatmatching machines were created, it was all done by the DJ himself and was a technique necessary for any DJ hoping to make a name for himself.

Through his project, Babb expressed just how talented and unique he is by bringing back and mastering this almost forgotten technique.

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