Danish Students’ Experiences

By Nyx Siniard

The Danish students arrived on March 26th. We talked to some of them to learn about their experiences here at Brevard. There are many sites to see in Brevard, including the nature and waterfalls.

“I like how connected you are to nature, because the mountains are so close by, and our high school is in the city and it’s just one big building. Here you can go out and sit and relax on the grass,” Danish student Natasha.

“I’d like to go see waterfalls,…..Denmark is a really flat country, so we don’t have any mountains or waterfalls or rivers,” Danish student Oliver said.

But aside from the nature, there is also the school. Many of the Danes found the class options very different.

“We like the classes, they are very different from what we are used too,” said Danish student Josefine.

“What is difficult about Brevard is finding the classes, so we always have to ask people where to go,” said Danish student Mille.

The Danish students are leaving on April 6th.


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