Cheap Spring Break

By Aaron Neumann & Casey Cooper

This segment of the Broadcaster, a ¨Cheap Spring Break,¨ gives high schools students or anyone in Brevard who are ¨balling on a budget¨ ideas on what to do over spring break without ¨breaking the bank.¨

For example, bowling is only a dollar on Wednesdays at the Rockin´ Bowl starting at 7 p.m.

Another fun activity is to go to the Rec Department during their many ¨open gyms.¨ There is no cost to attend; patrons should call (828) 884-3156 for times.

Exploring the forest and the many waterfalls is another expense-free option.

Goodwill has cool clothes, is in Brevard, and is always an adventure that is discounted and enjoyable.

Milkshakes, burgers, and great service can always be found at Cardinal Drive In. It is relatively cheap and vintage.

All these options offer fun for a great price and a unforgettable spring break!


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