CTE Adventures

By: Lillie Siniard

There are some new CTE projects going on!

Sophomore, Emma Dauster talks about her Digital Medias classes project.

“In digital media we are making frame-by-frame animation,” Sophomore Emma Dauster said.

The frame-by-frame animation is created by using one of Eadweard Muybridge’s videos. They will then create a fun animation with the video.

“In Ms. Rhymers class we are looking at different cuts of meats,” said Junior Ava Findlay.

Determining different cuts of meats is what Ms. Rhymers class is doing. The class will get different cuts of meat and then determine what kind of meat it is.

Different students are experiencing and learning new and exciting adventures, and they are loving every minute of it!

Have fun learning new ideas in the CTE wing!


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